Stop Hoarding

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Minimalism has been defined by many, but it boils down to this: strip the excess from your life, and focus on the essential.

As I discovered more about minimalism, I realized that libraries are a minimalist’s dream come true. Imagine, taking out tons of books (for free) and removing them from your home once finished with them – to a place where you can always go to get them back again! Amazing! With this thought in mind (and librarian-guilt still stinging, from not using the system more effectively) I set out to minimize my personal collection.

Owning books irrespective of their value was not serving me. Old textbooks and unread novels (that I was never going to read) wasted space and were an insult to the books I loved. And so I brutally weeded my collection and removed any book that was unnecessary. I kept much-loved favourites that will always be special or useful to me.

I used to worry about keeping track of my favourite books. This was my primary reason for buying books, until I discovered LibraryThing and Goodreads. These tools help you keep track of the books you’ve read, let you rate how much you liked them, and list which books you’d like to read! They also suggest similar books that could pique your interest. Tools like these enabled me to discard unwanted books with much less guilt.

I managed to fit (most of) my books into one bookshelf, a prized piece of furniture that was made by my father. Looking at the bookcase is now a great source of pride, because I know it contains mostly treasures and only the best kind of trash.


3 thoughts on “Stop Hoarding

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