Cool Tools

Photo from zzpza

Over the years I’ve come across some really neat tools on the web, and today’s your lucky day – because I’m going to share them with you.


This game effortlessly combines learning with philanthropy. Help end world hunger while expanding your vocabulary and having a bit of fun! Seriously one of the greatest things out there, and definitely worth checking out.


When I found this website I was *so happy* because I had always wondering how people had been making their beautiful word clouds. Now I know (and so do you – so go make one!) Tagxedo is also a great tool for making word clouds, if you’re interested in something a little more advanced.


Watch out, PowerPoint, because this presentation editor is pretty spiffy. Definitely a lot of fun to use, and a great way to shake things up. (But some people hate it.)


Once you’ve made your fabulous presentation, why not share it? Slideshare provides a slide hosting service that can help your presentations reach more people than ever before. And if you suck at PowerPoint, there are many presentations on there that can help you improve your skills. (Note: If you used Prezi to make your presentation, SlideShare is not necessary – your slides will already be online.)


Doodle is an amazingly simple scheduling tool that is great when you’re making plans without the luxury of Microsoft Outlook. It’s great because your RSVP-ing attendees don’t need to have the same email provider. Once they’ve filled out their availability you can check to see which day would have the biggest turnout. Wham, bam, meeting planned! So convenient.


This survey tool is free and easy to use! But beware – it stops being free if you want to view results from more than 100 respondants. Keep it in mind for your smaller scale questionaires.

If there are any fantastic tools out there that I don’t yet know about – please, let me know!


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