Librarians Network Like No Other

Photo from Cea

One of my best friends expressed interest in becoming an embalmer, but admitted that she didn’t know too much about the career.

My ears perked up as I sensed an opportunity for research. I quickly assured my friend that I would put my librarian skills to good use to find out more!

This is when I discovered that librarians are the gold-medal champions when it comes to networking and professional resources. I had taken for granted that all professions had bloggers, numerous conferences, and Facebook groups. Unfortunately, this is not the case! Librarians are the leaders when it comes to communities of practice, and sharing information. I love librarians for that, because it has made my career path so much simpler – and it has allowed me to become much more engaged with my field of choice.

Reading about Jason Griffey’s LibraryBox or Banned Books Week makes me feel informed and excited.

Inter-Library Lush events allow me to interact with librarians in all sectors of society.

Conferences are the greatest working holiday ever concocted by an association.

I love this field! And my heart goes out to those that can’t enjoy the same networking opportunities. But here’s a challenge: create them. Maybe there’s a little librarian in us all.

(Note: Yes, I totally found my friend some great information. But it simply cannot compare to what’s available in the library world.)


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