The Great Equalizer

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The library is a truly magical institution, and one of the few places you can go for free internet, books, movies, and events. The library is so much more than a mere book repository.

I am so proud to work somewhere that opens its doors to everyone regardless of race, religion, and status. Because racism is no longer acceptable and religious tolerance is a norm, my focus is on the latter – libraries serve all users, and are perhaps most useful for those that cannot afford other options. In this way the library levels the playing field by making it possible for EVERYONE to access information and entertainment.

Some barriers do exist. In most libraries, you need proof of address to obtain a library card. This could be a limitation for some users. But in public and academic libraries, anyone – ANYONE – can march in and read a book off the shelf. I realize that the same could be said about bookstores, but in a library you can skip the furtive glance over your shoulder and truly immerse yourself in your reading.

Few things are free for all. Take advantage. Save yourself a buck and go join your fellow (wo)man at the library!


2 thoughts on “The Great Equalizer

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