The Best Things in Life Are Free

Photo from 401(K) 2012

Considering how easy it is to drop $80 at Chapters, heading home with a bunch of books that you didn’t pay for is one of the best feelings there is. Libraries are a real boon for those that refuse to throw their money away.

Libraries ensure that you won’t be wasting your hard-earned money on “cotton candy” books (all sugar, no susbstance) like Fifty Shades of Grey. Some books are fun to read but don’t deserve a hallowed place in your already crammed-full bookcase.

But, how can I call library services “free” when we pay for them through our taxes? Technically the services are paid for, but you are probably paying more for coffee. If you live in Toronto, Ontario, you pay an average of 28 cents a day! That’s close enough to free, if you ask me. Use this calculator to estimate the value of the library services you are paying pennies for. Then smile, because you’re getting one hell of a deal.


2 thoughts on “The Best Things in Life Are Free

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