Why Climb Mount Everest?

Photo from Mot the barber

Photo from Mot the barber

Some people take advantage of all the world has to offer. Polar explorer Ben Saunders gives a phenomenal TED Talk about his adventures and (at around 2:49) explains that “What we get from this adventure is just sheer joy“. That is what life is about – the struggle to pursue great pleasure and happiness. This is what libraries need to support. The DOK Library Concept Centre, one of the most innovative libraries in the world, is fully aware that feeling good at the library needs to be a goal. Below are two slides from a presentation given at the DOK:

Too often, when one imagines a library they picture a quiet, dusty, drab book repository with a persnickety librarian glaring at you from over her glasses. Let us accept the challenge of changing that image, of cementing in the minds of our communities a new connotation: library as a place of fun, adventure, and stimulation.


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