Librarian Gift Guide, or A Candle That Smells Like Library

This is where the minimalist in me gets pushed aside, and the girl that loves thoughtful library-related gifts takes over. Prepare to have your mind blown by all of this awesomeness! Great ideas to gift yourself, that special librarian, or the new MLIS grad in your life:

First up, the Questionable Content Library Science Tote Bag. Keep in mind that full appreciation of this bag is dependent on familiarity with this song. I happen to have one of these bags, and I’ve been raking in the compliments from fellow librarians! (By the way, there is a t-shirt version, too.)

Speaking of awesome things I already own, this poster makes my inner nerd squeal with glee:

Photo from

Photo from

Yes – that is a depiction of Anna Karenina, created by carefully placed tiny words… words from that very book! Litographs offers numerous book posters, all comprised of words from the very book they are illustrating. How meta! And if that weren’t exciting enough, Litographs has just come out with t-shirts!! Prices vary depending on size and colour.

Similarly cool, Out of Print Clothing has t-shirts that showcase your favourite classic books:

Super fabulous. They have tote bags, too. (Side note: I got my father the Animal Farm T-shirt, in part because of his love for the book, but also because he is a farmer. Ha!)

Next up we have something special: the plastic embodiment of a library legend – the Nancy Pearl Librarian Action Figure!

Photo from

Photo from

Upon graduation I was the lucky recipient of a Nancy Pearl figurine, and it has a place of honour in my office. She really shushes!

A cup of caffeine is just what a book lover needs in order to stay up late and finish the latest novel. For the tea drinker, Murchie’s Library Blend Tea is bound to impress:

Photo from Murchie's Tea

Photo from Murchie’s Tea

If you’d like a book to pair with that tea, The Librarian’s Book of Quotes is sure to inspire even the most jaded of librarians:

Photo from Amazon

Photo from Amazon

And in order to keep that book in the possession of it’s owner, how about some custom book plates? So cute!

Photo from

Photo from Zazzle

For the ironic movie buff, a film that has very little to do with actual librarianship: The Librarian – Quest for the Spear

Photo from Wikipedia

Photo from Wikipedia

It’s as epic as it looks, and twice as cheesy!

If you’re still in search of ideas, Etsy is a great place to look for unique and wonderful library-related items. Case in point – a candle that smells like library:


On that note, comment below if you’ve spotted something fun and fabulous! Librarians love gifts.


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