Quitting to Get Ahead

Photo from Bala

Stop worrying.

Quit your complaining.

And maybe even quit your job.

If you’re in a position that isn’t teaching you anything, isn’t challenging you, and makes you hate the idea of getting up in the morning, perhaps it’s time to move on.

Sometimes the best way to advance in the workplace is knowing when to leave one opportunity for another. Would a successful person let themselves deteriorate in a place that doesn’t allow them to flourish and grow? No. As much as our parents encourage perseverence and fortitude, sometimes the smartest thing to do is quit while you’re ahead, and stop wasting your time.

But here’s a warning: don’t look to your job for happiness. Or rather, don’t obsess about pursuing your “dream job” – it probably doesn’t exist, but you can create one by adding to a job the elements that make work satisfying to you. Cal Newport put it nicely: he suggests cultivating passion rather than finding it.

All that being said, quitting your job is a big deal and there are smart ways to do it. But if you’re in the library world, count yourself lucky – there are more than 61 non-librarian jobs available to you. So pick one. And rather than passively hoping your job will inherently make your heart sing, find ways to make it all that it can be.


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