Consume Books, Not More Stuff

Photo from Grmisiti

Photo from Grmisiti

I’m watching The Walking Dead and thinking about what is left during a zombie apocalypse. When sh*t goes down, what remains important? Let me tell you, it is not your TV or your designer handbag. In fact, when your one true focus is to survive, any possession* that doesn’t add to that goal quickly becomes superfluous. So how about your twelve pairs of jeans or twenty-three bottles of nail polish? Useless. However, the books you’ve read over a lifetime, THAT experience can always be taken with you and will always prove to be useful – especially if you’ve read The Zombie Survival Guide.

Our society has a consumerism problem. We’re obsessed with accumulating, collecting, and upgrading. I know this because I read a book called STUFF: Compulsive Hoarding and the Meaning of Things. How many people do you know that got a new phone, simply because the cell phone company told them they were due for an upgrade? It’s kind of ridiculous, and it has lead me to this proposition: buy less stuff, read more books. This is a goal that will give you a wealth of information and entertainment for free. The problem with library books is that we place less value on things we’re not paying for – free books don’t always rank highly in our minds. But they should.

Don’t be a zombie. Adjust your thinking, and your habits. Go to the library, take as many books home as you like. If all else fails, you can use them to barricade your doorway against the undead.

*It should be noted that guns would be pretty darn useful.


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