So Sue Me! Librarians Have Power

Photo from Ted Duboise

Photo from Ted Duboise

Librarians are superheroes within the world of information, and they have great power. They typically wield it for good, not evil. But like all superheroes they will have their enemies. And today, the librarian’s enemy is suing them in court.

First, Edwin Mellen Press began by suing a McMaster University Librarian, David Askey. And now, most recently, Jeffery Beall has come under scrutiny and is being sued by OMICS Publisher Group.

These librarians are guilty of blogging unfavourably about the defendants in question. In other words, they are being sued for their highly educated opinions. Hmm. This tells me that librarians matter. That a librarian can be dangerous. A librarian may need to be taken to court, because what they say can determine a company’s success or failure. This fascinates me, and in an odd way it is kind of nice to see librarians being taken so seriously. That being said, I feel for those that are jumping through hoops within the legal system, and I desire a fair and speedy resolution to these court cases.

What do you think? Do these events display the strength of librarians, or does it simply make “freedom of speech” sound like a dream?

As a librarian blogger, these cases give me hope for the future of librarianship. We are making waves. The public is listening, and we have much to say.


4 thoughts on “So Sue Me! Librarians Have Power

  1. I think librarians in North America are perhaps making waves for what they do in a more effective way than in the UK where, as you probably know, libraries are being hit hard by cuts. We certainly do not have the equivalent of a celebrity librarian like Nancy Drewe! There is a lot of good feeling for libraries and passionate advocacy for them – but it is all rather defensive.

    • Everything is relative, but you should know that libraries in Canada (and probably the US, too) are definitely being hit by budget cuts.
      I agree that a lot of the advocacy for libraries is defensive – let’s start an offensive movement, where we support and rally for libraries before they need us to!

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