Libraries Let You Express Yourself

Photo from Ingrid Abrams

Photo from Ingrid Abrams

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: libraries are magical. Not only do they hold the key to any and all information, not only do they allow you to speak your mind, they also permit you to be who you are – whatever that means for you.

If you would like to feel inspired, I suggest you read this: “THE UNIVERSAL RIGHT TO FREE EXPRESSION: An Interpretation of the Library Bill of Rights“. It is simply beautiful. Below is an excerpt:

“We know that censorship, ignorance, and limitations on the free flow of information are the tools of tyranny and oppression. We believe that ideas and information topple the walls of hate and fear and build bridges of cooperation and understanding far more effectively than weapons and armies.”

I love it. Go libraries! Be the champions of expression! But it doesn’t end here. I want to switch gears a little and talk about physical forms of expression. Like pink hair, or tattoos. Librarians have more freedom than most, when it comes to a less-than-conservative appearance. And I think that’s just great.

Photo from Fox News

Photo from Fox News

Colleen Harris (above) is a particularly good example of a librarian that is true to herself, and Ingrid Abrams (above, in the pink faux fur coat) has some wicked-cool style that is miles away from matronly.

Thank you, librarians, for expressing yourself inside and out. Comment below if you’re a librarian with alternative style!



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